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Geburt der Moderne - Wien um die Jahrhundertwende - Universitätskurs


The univie: winter school for Cultural Historical Studies takes place in Vienna, the capital of the former Habsburg Monarchy (and Austria of today) where traces of the outstanding culture of the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th century are still visible. The two-week program combines first-class academic courses with an extensive social and cultural program. Vienna’s rich cultural heritage, especially the museums, will lead to a thorough understanding of the impact of the fin-de-siècle on the modernization of Europe. This unique program consists of high level lectures in the morning and guided excursions to the city of Vienna (e.g. Ringstraße) and to different museums (the Museum for
Applied Arts, the Schönberg Center, and the Leopold Museum) in the afternoon.
Outside the framework of classes Vienna offers plenty of opportunities to explore additional museums and sights such as the St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the Imperial Palace, and the Treasury.
The academic course environment encourages intercultural and social exchange and favours mutual understanding within the international student population. Participants thus broaden their horizon, meet colleagues from different fields of study, make friends for life and build connections for their future professional careers.


The univie: winter school offers six courses comprising 4 ECTS credits per course (corresponding to 32 contact hours). Each contact hour consists of 45 minutes of classroom teaching.
In the course of the two-week program students can attend two courses and obtain up to 8 ECTS credits. The winter program courses offer a well-structured introduction to one of the most fascinating periods of Austria‘s intellectual history in a short time. The culture of the fin-de-siècle is one of the highlights in the history of the Habsburg Monarchy. The preparatory seminar Introduction to fin-de-siècle Vienna on the first weekend will provide students with the basic knowledge needed for their selected courses. The seminar is a prerequisite to attend the following courses. Students can select one course from the courses offered in the early morning and a second from the courses offered in
the late morning. The courses will provide them with a deep insight into the society and culture of this fascinating period.

8:30 am – 10:30 am
• Literature and Film in Vienna around 1900
• Art and Visual Culture at the Turn of the Century in Vienna
• Design and Identity in Vienna around 1900
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
• Music and Musical Culture in Vienna around 1900
• Society and Psychoanalysis in Sigmund Freud’s Vienna
• Politics and Daily Life in Vienna around 1900

Successful participants will receive a transcript of the University of Vienna.

Application & fees

The application deadline is on November 30, 2019.

Applicants have to submit the following documents:
1. Application form
2. Statement of purpose
3. Transcript of record
4. Official proof of proficiency level in English
5. Two passport-size photos
6. Proof of payment of the deposit of € 300

The application material should be sent to the following address:
Innovationszentrum Universität Wien GmbH –
Campus of the University of Vienna
Alser Strasse 4/Hof 1/Tuer 1.16
1090 Vienna

The program fees amount to € 1,275 and include registration, tuition and all planned excursions. The
participants are responsible for any additional costs for board and lodging as well as travel arrangements.
External students have to pay an additional fee of € 20.20 to be admitted to the University of Vienna as non-degree
program students and to enjoy insurance coverage (general accident and liability insurance).

Fees should be transferred to:

Innovationszentrum Universität Wien GmbH –
Bank: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT57 1100 0002 8224 0100

Innovationszentrum Universität Wien GmbH Sommerhochschule
Campus of the University of Vienna
Alser Strasse 4, Hof 1, Tuer 1.16
1090 Vienna, Austria
T +43-1-4277-24131
Karl Vocelka
Academic Director of the univie: winter School for Cultural Historical Studies
Franz-Stefan Meissel
Director of the Sommerhochschule
Nina Gruber & Verena Bauer
Program Coordinators

Weitere Informationen: