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Dziennikarski pobyt badawczy: migracje i migracje przymusowe 2022

Launched by the IWM in collaboration with the Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (CRG) in June 2020, the Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration places a particular focus on South Asia and its European-Asian dimension. This collaboration advances cooperation between European and South Asian institutions and academics, while working toward innovative knowledge production on forced migration and border regimes. 
Series of activities and workshops aim to enhance research capacities and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and policy expertise in forced migration studies in and between Europe and South Asia. Bringing together scholars, policy makers and practitioners from different disciplines and regions, the platform aspires to decentering Europe-focused scholarship, debates, and policies on forced migration. 
Within the framework of the Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration, the IWM will invite up to two Journalism Fellows (one from Europe, one from South Asia) to pursue research on the topics of migration and forced migration in early spring 2022. Their findings shall result or be integrated in subsequent journalistic publications related to migration and forced migration. 
Applicants must have worked in print, broadcast or online journalism for several years. 
Up to two Fellows are invited to spend one or two months each at the IWM in Vienna, Austria, (for South Asian Fellows) or at CRG in Kolkata, India (for European Fellows), in February and/or March 2022 (the Fellowship must be concluded by the end of March 2022). Fellows will receive a stipend of EUR 2,500 per month. In addition, the IWM or CRG provides them with an office including access to the internet, administrative and research facilities as well as other services free of charge. Travel grants of up to EUR 600 can be paid for project-related research trips. Fellows will be reimbursed for their return tickets to Vienna or Kolkata, respectively. 
Applications include: 
- a concise project proposal in English (max. 7,500 characters incl. spaces) with a description of the intended outcome (book, articles, film, TV or radio broadcast etc.) and the planned field investigations (if applicable) 
- a curriculum vitae 
- a list of publications 
Application deadline: 19 December 2021 
Applications to be sent to: fellowships(@)iwm.at 
A jury will evaluate the applications and select the finalists. Applicants will be notified of the jury decision by mid-January 2022. 
The jury is not required to publicly justify its decisions, nor to provide applicants individual feedback on their applications. 
Cooperation Partners 
The Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (CRG) is the IWM’s partner within the Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration. CRG is well-known for its research, dialogues, and advocacy work. It has carved out a niche for itself in the scholar-activist world for its policy studies on autonomy, human rights, women’s dignity, issues of forced displacement and migration, peace and conflict resolution, citizenship, borders and border-conflicts, and other themes relevant to democracy.