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Where do we stand? - Letnia Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Salzburgu

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

Intensive workshops of between one and four weeks, dealing with topical questions of art production and directed by outstanding artists from all over the world – this is what awaits you at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts.

Founded in 1953 by Oskar Kokoschka as the "School of Vision", in Hohensalzburg Fortress, it is the oldest of its kind in Europe.

Every year, some 300 participants from more than 50 countries attend some 20 courses offered in two fixed locations: Hohensalzburg Fortress and the Kiefer quarry in Fürstenbrunn, as well as in further temporary spaces in the town of Salzburg. Well-known artists, curators and critics from all over the world offer courses focusing on topical questions of art production, as well as curatorial practice and writing about art.

Special features of participants' stay in Salzburg are the fantastic atmosphere in the locations, the outstanding quality of the teachers and the first-rate programme of events, which includes artists’ talks, lectures and discussions on the history and theory of art, exhibitions, city walks, etc. For many people, the Summer Academy provides a unique opportunity to devote themselves exclusively to reflecting on and producing art. Participants reassess their own roles as artists/curators/writers and the social function of their art production, also exploring possibilities for opening up new ways of bringing their work to public notice. This helps to form new networks, which often last a lifetime, and which are of immeasurable importance in the art world of today.
The Summer Academy is open to anyone interested. Some two-thirds of participants are professionals (artists and art students). All applicants submit to a process in which the teachers of the courses chosen decide on acceptance; however, the proportion of applications rejected is extremely small.

Why study at Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts?

- open for application to anyone interested
- unique opportunity to study with outstanding artists/curators/writers who mostly don’t hold a professorship elsewhere
- during 1–4 weeks, you can devote yourselves exclusively to reflecting on and producing art.
- individual attention, one-on-one critiques as well as group discussions
- fantastic atmosphere in the ancient locations

The Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts course programme 2019 is under the motto Where do we stand?

Detailed descriptions of the individual courses and information on how to apply for courses and the various grants are available here.

Application can be made for grants here.

Deadline: 3 April 2019 (Grants), 2 May 2019 (all Applications).

Teaching artists/curators/critics 2019: Ei Arakawa with Sarah Chow, Sammy Baloji/Lotte Arndt, Michael Beutler, Kimberly Bradley, Eli Cortiñas, Svenja Deininger, Marina Fokidis, Cameron Jamie, Jakob Kolding, Paulina Olowska, Ciara Phillips, Tobias Pils, Imran Qureshi, Karin Reichmuth, Yorgos Sapountzis, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Massinissa Selmani, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair.

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
P.O. Box 18, 5010 Salzburg, Austria
Tel. +43 (0)662 842113, Fax +43 (0)662 849638